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A piece of jewelry is a creative work that satisfies not only the expressive and creative needs of the designer and maker, but also appeals to the imagination and emotions of the wearer. jewelry is a portable, personal work of art that you can wear and enjoy constantly. Handmade sterling silver jewelry, in specific, has its advantages. It is, relatively speaking, affordable. Another nice thing about handmade sterling silver jewelry is that you can find some really artistic and unique pieces out there that can express your own inner feelings about art and beauty. Handmade sterling silver jewelry can be really beautiful when made well and polished to a perfect glimmering shine. The glowing silver is an echo of shimmering water under a sunny sky.

The pink city of Jaipur glitters with the fascinating and fine jewelry. The gems and stones of Jaipur are famous all over the world. When it comes to traditional Indian jewelry all the International buyers prefer Jaipur. Whether it is gemstones, traditional gold jewelry, antique silver jewelry, contemporary diamond jewelry or Indian costume jewelry, Jaipur is the hub for all kind of jewelry. The artisans of Jaipur craft the jewelry in such a beautiful manner that each piece turns out to be a unique creation in itself.
Most of the products on our website are designed based on the feedback from our customers, inputs from the market trends and our first hand knowledge about the product on account of our visit to the different markets (countries) as well as by participation in various trade shows. However, if you are not impressed and wish to get your own design custom made exclusively, we are happy to design develop the products based on your specifications. Here we are discribing a detailed visual overview of the design and manufacturing process of our custom jewelry.

  • Firstly drawing is being prepared by Vijay International (a unit of Rasianve Group) according to customer's specifications.
  • Hand carved model form is prepared for the lost wax casting method. Lost wax casting has been used for thousands of years and is a process which involves making a ceramic mold of the original wax model.
  • Metal is injected into the mold created in step 2 using the centrifugal casting method. Once the metal has cooled the mold has to be broken in order to reveal the cast ring.
  • The cast ring and the constructed design elements to be added are laid out to fit the pattern for the design.
  • Using high temperature metal solder the design elements are added to the surface of the cast ring.
  • Then, final setting and finishing has done through our craftsmen.

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